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Made in Suffolk

I am Victoria Louise, a designer, artist, writer and maker of things. I spend most of days in my Suffolk based studio drawing, painting, pottering and experimenting with different materials and textiles. 

I find inspiration from my wonderful surroundings - nature, wildlife and my two little dogs, Doozer and Luna. I love flora and fauna, lines and swirls, fantasy and mystery, people and places, anything can spark a creation. 

Little Lost Soul was born from a desire to promote my work in a safe, secure online environment. I hope to help other local artists and makers grow by sharing and promoting their work so if you want to post please get in touch. 

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The Future I See

Little Lost Soul is a well respected Craft and Pottery Studio in Suffolk, England. We’ve got a history of commitment toward original, handcrafted products and dedicated to inspiring others to find their inner maker by sharing work of all levels of abilities and interest. 

While we’re dedicated to producing our own art and products, we’re also devoted to bringing out the artist in you, either as a fellow maker or collector, there’s something for anyone looking to foster their inner Picasso. We strive to instil an openness to creativity for all artists and guests that come to Little Lost Soul.


Our Creations

Black and White Star in Circle

Pencil Sketch

Mixed Media Diorama

Pencil Sketch

Still Life Painting

Wheel Throwing